Merox stands for Mercaptan Oxidation”. It is a proprietary catalytic chemical practice refined by UOPs used in oil refineries and natural gas distillation plants to extract mercaptans from LPG, propane, butanes, light naphthas, kerosene and jet fuel by transforming them to liquid hydrocarbon desulphides. The Merox Process was first developed in 1958 but newer modifications took place as time progressed.

The merox process is an extraction and sweetening process essential for Aviation Turbine Fuel. It purifies the crude disulphides and the clay bed treatment plays a crucial role in obtaining that level of distillation required to make the refined Jet fuel.

Copias CP Jet 100 30/60 (Bentonite/ Attapulgite Clay Granules) and CP Jet 100 B 16/30 (Bentonite/ Attapulgite Clay Granules) aid in the clay bed refining process of aviation turbine fuel.

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