The conventional Merox process patented by UOP (United Oil Products) is designed for the removal of mercaptans from kerosene. The importance of purifying Jet fuel of water contamination is of utmost importance in this process and therefore, it goes through different stages of purification, The presence of any moisture can potentially result in blocked fuel inlet pipes, corrosion by admitting growth of microorganisms and irregular exercise of fuel-quantity probes.

The Merox process involves, the jet fuel passing through a caustic pre-wash followed by a bed of activated charcoal which has been impregnated with catalysts and finally the clay bed which gives optimal results. Pollutants like water, caustic, organic matter especially copper sediments, particulate matter and other oil soluble substances have to be extracted to meet the specifications of Aviation Turbine Fuel.

Jet fuel, such as Aviation Turbine Fuel is dependent on exceptionally stringent conditions. They have stipulated parameters which need to be adhered. Attapulgite clay is used as the main mineral in the clay bed procedure for Jet fuel refining. Clay minerals are known for their binding properties. Since Attapulgite clay has a very high surface area and inherent absorption properties, the clay treatment assures the removal of polar compounds to ensure thermal stability.

Surfactant contamination in fuels:

  • Naphthanates and Sulphates formed during acid and caustic analysis.
  • Pipelines and vehicular transport over continuous use have residues left from corrosion, mainly due to the temperatures and additives of the crude oil.
  • Materials for maintenance can also be surfactants such as soaps, detergents etc. They leave residue as well as the rust-proof and descaling chemicals that have to be used to prevent corrosion.

The best way to remove the surfactants is using attapulgite clay and the key to top notch fuel is to pass the jet fuel through a clay bed.

Scientific calculations pronounce that one pound of attapulgite has about thirteen acres of surface area. Therefore, the advantages of clay bed refining are plenty in terms of monetary value. Not only does it protect it from surfactants, it also is a carrier because of its immense storage capacity. The ‘Residence time’ which is clay bed refining and storage enhances and maintains purified fuel.


Copia India can answer any queries regarding the refinery process and all the elements involved in it. Being India’s largest producer and exporter of CP Jet 100 30/60 (Bentonite/Attapulgite Clay granules) and CP Jet 100 B 16/30 (Bentonite/Attapulgite Clay granules), we are only happy to help.

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