What To Look For When Buying Bentonite Clay

Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is the more popular retail name for the type of a very soft group of  minerals found in Montmorillon, France. The generic name being Montmorillon Clay, it is a  hundred percent natural clay powder procured from the archaic times. Although it gained its  popularity after being discovered in Fort Benton, Montana in 1898 thus getting the more common  name, Bentonite Clay.

Also cited as healing clay, living clay, Indian healing clay, Aztec clay etc., Bentonite Clay minerals  are of two types mainly: Sodium Bentonite Clay and Calcium Bentonite Clay. The main difference  between the two is the presence of the more assertive mineral.  

To help understand the difference a tad more, here are some points to look at : 

  • Bentonite Clay Granules are odourless. If there was an odour found, it indicates some additives  have been added. 
  • Bentonite Clay Minerals can vary in colour. Organically from a greenish-gray tone to a cream  colour which is approved as the sources vary. But if it is a bleached white tone then it implies  that there are added fillers in it. 
  • After mining the Bentonite Clay Minerals, they are dredged to separate any dirt or silt first. Food  grade Bentonite Calcium Clay Granules and Cosmetic grade Bentonite Calcium Clay Granules  are then tested for any contaminants and mineral content. Industrial Bentonite Clay is  processed chemically for using further. Which inherently means that one can purchase the  different grade clays at their appropriate vendor/stores. 
  • While buying Bentonite Clay Supplement, one should look at the packaging and label for a  stamp or certification from the country of purchase certifying the food grade Bentonite Clay.  Sometimes, if the process hasn’t been followed thoroughly there is a chance some lead can be  left behind causing a potential lead poisoning risk. If a person wants to use bentonite clay for its  medicinal values, they should look for a product labeled as safe for internal use from a reputable  brand or source. 
  • Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is used widely in Cosmetics. Bentonite Clay minerals are  acclaimed as the King of clays in the beauty world. It is used as a detoxifier of the skin due to its  natural antibacterial properties and how it helps remove the impurities from the skin. A deep  pore cleansing must, it is used in many masks mixed with other ingredients or individually.  Because of its inherent absorptive nature, it has proved to be an impressive and compelling  treatment against acne. So, buying Bentonite Clay from reputed cosmetic companies would  prove profitable. 
  • Bentonite Clay Supplements are an excellent source for collagen production in our body. There  has been much scientific research done on it and Bentonite Clay Supplements have proven  to significantly retain and accelerate collagen production with usage. Not only does it have  medicinal properties and can be ingested in small amounts, it has excellent healing properties  and can help heal wounds and allergies. Because of these properties, it has made a mark in the  medicinal and alternate healing world. Acclaimed for its name as living clay or healing clay due  to its healing nature, it has garnered popularity all over the world.. Since most of the Food and  Drug Administrative Laws across the globe are not too stringent and have many loopholes,  Bentonite Clay Supplements should be bought under guidance if it is for ingestion especially  and not some over the counter brand.  

Finally, let’s ponder upon the essential properties of Bentonite Clay Mineral because in the  times as now, people are turning to natural healing consciously. Herbalists, aestheticians, healers,  nutritionists, cosmeticians and even some doctors and scientists have mutually agreed upon the  immense benefits of Bentonite Calcium Clay and called it a ‘Superfood”.

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