Uses Of Bentonite Clay And Granules As A Carrier Medium For Agro Chemicals And Beneficial Uses Of Bentonite Clay In Everyday Life

Calcium bentonite clay is an absorbent and highly colloidal clay formed millions of years ago from volcanic ash. It’s named after Fort Benton, Wyoming, where the largest source of the clay has been found, although calcium bentonite clay is found all over the world. It\’s also called montmorillonite clay since this type of clay was first discovered in France\’s Montmorillon region. Bentonite clay has a rare configuration and can absorb “negatively charged” toxins. People have been using calcium bentonite clay for different purposes for centuries. Bentonite clay has natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, calcite and iron which provide additional benefits. 

There are two types of bentonite clay, depending on the ratio of key minerals they contain: sodium bentonite clay and calcium bentonite clay. They have similar properties, with slight gradation.

The multiple properties of Bentonite clay namely hydration, swelling, water absorption, viscosity, thixotropy etc. make it a multi-application product for diversified industries. 

Since bentonite clay is a bountiful and economical mineral, it is used widely in many industries. It is used in cosmetics. Because of the hydrophobic nature of this clay, it can be used in the purification of liquids. The Indian bentonite clay granules are isolated and purified.

North America is the largest player in the Bentonite clay market, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing. In India, Bhavnagar and Kutch districts of Gujarat and Barmer district of Rajasthan are the major producing areas of Bentonite calcium clay.

Bentonite Granules are used as fillers in Agro Chemicals, reason being they are biodegradable. They break down into small particles slowly in the fields when they come in contact with water. It also acts as a preservative of active ingredients. It saves the technical ingredients from the direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. It does not react with the technical material because it is inert. Due to its firmness and immense absorbent scope while grouping it doesn’t stick to the wall of the mixture or form cakes. It is in the form of granules so it’s easy to apply in the field in wind conditions and also on the standing crop. It can be mixed with fertilizers or seeds before sowing. They are widely used as carriers in the formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, plant growth promoters and bio-fertilizers. Apart from filler, it also benefits as a natural soil conditioner.

“I believe that all women are pretty without make-up, but with the right make-up can be pretty powerful.”- Bobbi Brown

Bentonite clay is used in many skincare products and has been present in skin and hair regime for thousands of years. Calcium bentonite clay is also a popular ingredient in skincare products. Practicing a regimen of a lotion or cream application with bentonite clay in it creates a barrier between your skin and other possible aggravating factors. Bentonite clay also helps skincare products adhere to your skin and be more water-resistant. Bentonite clay works like a sponge on your skin. It absorbs dirt and oil, like sebum. 

Also, research confirms bentonite\’s protective and soothing properties. Bentonite clay is an antibacterial agent that is like charcoal, boosting the pH level of your mouth and overall enhancing oral care. Unlike charcoal, bentonite clay isn\’t abrasive enough to scratch enamel, so it\’s a much safer option. Besides all of this, Bentonite clay works wonders with hair as it moisturizes and draws out excess dirt and oil simultaneously.

Bentonite clay has a history of medicinal uses, helps rid the body of heavy metals. It also helps promote good digestion, treats everything from acid reflux to constipation to bloating and gas. 

While the unanimity on whether or not bentonite clay is okay for consumption is still awaiting approval, it’s pretty clear that this magic ingredient has not been given its rightful place on the shelf, so to speak. Although in some countries it’s been verified and Bentonite clay pills are available for consumption.

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