Calcium Bentonite Clay & It’s Uses

Bentonite is one of the most popular clay forms that people have been using for years, knowingly or unknowingly. It is a part of many skin care products that treat issues like skin impurities and excess oil. Many people also add it to their drinks and food items. It is because bentonite clay eases digestive problems and removes toxins from the body.

This article looks at calcium bentonite, it’s uses and it’s beneficial properties for the body. But let’s start with knowing more about calcium bentonite clay first.

What is calcium bentonite clay?
Bentonite clay comes out from ancient volcanic ash. It is rich in minerals like calcium, silica, aluminum, and iron. Depending on the mineral content of bentonite, they get classified into different types.

Natural calcium bentonite
Natural calcium bentonite has a lot of exchangeable calcium but a low amount of exchangeable sodium. The proportions differ based on the types of bentonite. It comes with a neutral pH and a low swelling index of around 0.5%. The low index also leads to low production of lees.

Applications of natural calcium bentonite
Human beings get exposed to lead, copper, and pesticides daily. These toxins and harmful chemicals get accumulated in the body and affect its normal functioning. Bentonite clay has beneficial properties that can absorb these toxins and remove them from the body.

Consuming small amounts of bentonite clay can help cleanse the body from all the harmful elements. Skincare products like creams and lotions also have bentonite clay as a vital component. It helps in protecting the skin from irritants. Skin also responds better to those products and becomes water-resistant.

How to use bentonite clay for skin and healthcare
The immune-boosting and detoxifying properties of bentonite clay are plenty. Here are several ways you can use clay.

  • Face mask
    Combining bentonite clay and water can will hydrate your skin and give it a new glow. You can also add honey to the mixture. Make sure you keep it only till the skin begins to feel tight.
  • Skin paste
    You can use bentonite clay as a skin paste to treat rashes and burns. Ensure that the paste is thick enough to work well on your skin. When it dries on the skin, you can rinse it with water.
  • Powder
    Bentonite clay powder can treat acne, ulcers, wounds, and skin allergies. It is an ancient home remedy that has been popular for centuries.
  • Supplement
    You can use a bentonite clay supplement in small amounts. A bentonite clay capsule helps boost immunity by fighting bacteria that make the body weak.

Bottom line
Natural bentonite clay has several advantageous properties for skin and healthcare. Copia is a leading bentonite clay supplier, indulging in processing and marketing various grades of the product. Want to know more details about our services related to bentonite granules? Get in touch with us today.

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