Clay Bed Refining used in the Merox Process

It is critical for refineries to maintain certain specifications and standards for aviation turbine fuel. So, it is essential to have aviation turbine fuel treated/processed ...
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Uses Of Bentonite Clay In The Cosmetic Industry

Calcium bentonite is popular as it has a range of cosmetic and medicinal uses. It is because they have excellent healing, beautifying and detoxifying properties. ...
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Uses of Calcined Granules in Bio-Fertilizers and Pesticides

Biofertilizers are essential tools to supplement agricultural produce. They act as an eco-friendly and renewable means for plant nutrients. Biofertilizers can transform nutritional elements from ...
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What Can Bentonite Clay Powder Do For You?

A common product where cosmetic grade bentonite clay is used, as one of the prime ingredients is in a face mask. The high cation exchange ...
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The Merox Process in the Sweetening of Aviation Turbine Fuel!

The need of Jet fuels to meet global specifications is a foregone conclusion. Commercial grade jet fuel requires suitable processing, to bring it up to ...
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