The different uses of bentonite clay

If you are someone who pays regular attention to skincare, you must have heard of bentonite. It is nothing but a powdery substance derived from volcanic ash. Bentonite has multiple benefits for skincare and digestion. When we talk of skincare, bentonite clay clears skin by sapping out dirt and other impurities. However, that’s not all. There are various other benefits of calcium bentonite clay that we look at in this article.

Uses of bentonite clay for different purposes

1. Dental care
Bentonite clay has several benefits for teeth, like the removal of plaque and the natural repair of non-cavitated tooth lesions. It also helps in comprehensive cleaning of the mouth. Bentonite clay has a mild taste and a gentle effect. So, it will only help in making your smile better.
Many popular dental care companies use bentonite in the manufacturing of toothpaste. It gets used in combination with other teeth-beneficial ingredients. They help in polishing the teeth naturally without any side effects.

2. Face masks
Bentonite is ideal for overcoming skin problems like dermatitis and eczema that can lead to skin dullness. A concentration of bentonite clay in face masks helps in revitalizing the skin and improving its health. If you are looking for a DIY option, you can combine water with bentonite clay powder and honey to make a face mask. It is ideal for most skin types, and you can leave it for around 15 minutes. The clay will sap impurities from the skin and exfoliate it. You can then follow your routine skincare regimen by using a skin moisturizer or lotion.

3. Digestion
Bentonite clay has vital vitamins and minerals like silica, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. When consumed, it helps in restoring the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. It clears your digestive system of toxins and impurities.If you suffer from problems like constipation, you can overcome it with bentonite clay. You can also make bentonite clay supplement a part of your daily regimen. You can use food-grade bentonite clay powder with water or juice.

4. Oil refining
Vegetable and seed oils in their crude form have a lot of undesirable substances. It can affect their taste, appearance, smell, and shelf life. Some of the unwanted components include peroxides, heavy metals, and dyes. These get added at the harvesting, extraction, and storage stage.It is thus vital to refine oils to ensure the best quality of the product. Bentonite clay has healing properties to remove impurities from oils. It removes all the impurities to make oils fit for their intended use.

5. Deodorants
Bentonite clay also finds its usage in natural deodorants. It gets used with other natural deodorizing agents like apple cider vinegar, arrowroot powder, and diatomaceous earth. These combine to lessen bacteria and moisturize the skin to keep it fresh at all times.
These are ideal for varied skin types, including sensitive skin.

Bottom line
The bentonite clay benefits are plenty due to its beneficial properties for the skin. Bentonite clay products are helpful for skincare routines. At Copia, we are a leading supplier of bentonite clay powder which is used in various cosmetic products for skincare etc etc.
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