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Sustainable Farming With Finest of Yields

Diversifying into Horticulture and Floriculture as key focus areas, Copia Agri, has started sustainable Hi tech farming. These farms are located about 120 kms from Hyderabad. Copia Agri endeavours to enhance value through agriculture and support the rural economy.

Orchid Cultivators

Horticulture -Top Quality Banana Cultivation

Cavendish G-9 Bananas

Under the horticulture vertical, Copia Agri has established a medium scale, fully automated Israeli tech banana plantation based on Bio natural growth process.

Copia Agri produces high quality Cavendish G-9 bananas with a rich source of minerals.

In order to ensure nutrients to crop roots and enhance productivity, the latest Israeli drip irrigation and automated fertigation technology has been used.

This has resulted in higher yields and productivity. The plantation has been planned to maximize the yield and optimise profits using this technology with Bio natural inputs.

Floriculture – Fresh blooms for every occasion

Fresh flowers in various hues and colours are known to brighten up any occasion, giving a heightened feeling of happiness and positivity. Discovering the high prominence and demand of flowers in the Domestic and International markets, Copia Agri Pvt Ltd blossomed further into cultivating exotic orchid flowers on a large scale.

Orchid Plantation

Copia Agri Pvt Ltd. cultivates colourful and exotic Dendrobium and Mokara Orchids. These beautiful blooms enhance the ambience at weddings, festivities and banquets.

The orchid farming is done under controlled atmospheric conditions in poly-houses with regulated humidity, temperature and light to ensure flowers of exceptional quality.

The company’s experience and insights into floriculture has enabled them to develop a successful orchid plantation, with huge growth potential in the Indian market, minimising the need to import these flowers from South-East Asia.

Dendrobium Orchids

Mokara Orchids

Orchid Cultivators, Exporters, and Suppliers.

It has been Copia Agri’s endeavour to support and contribute towards the rural economy. Copia Agri has ventured into setting up an agriculture based micro ecosphere and  aims to increase the agricultural yield through its strong farmer connect, expertise and innovative technology. Copia Agri works closely with the farming community and provides them with the latest advancements in farm technology to increase their agricultural yield.

Under its horticulture division, Copia Agri grows Cavendish G-9 bananas using bio natural growth process. It has employed automated Israeli drip technology used for irrigation and fertigation to help the crops give better yields.  

Bananas are one of the most consumed and affordable fruits worldwide, they are the fifth most traded agriculture product. They are grown in more than 150 countries and 105 million tonnes of the fruit are produced each year. Bananas which are grown for local consumption are generally grown in traditional, labour intensive flood irrigated farms.

Copia Agri Pvt Ltd takes utmost care to ensure premium quality bananas are grown using the best agricultural practices. It plans to be a major Cavendish Banana exporter in the future. 

Orchid Flower Suppliers in India

Under its floriculture division, Copia Agri after recognising the importance and high potential of  growing flowers, has diversified into cultivating orchids. It has specialised in growing Dendrobium orchids and Mokara orchids. 

The grace and elegance of delicate flowers brighten up any surroundings and bring endless joy to many people. As the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly quoted “The Earth laughs in colours”. The floral industry has been brightening up so many homes, offices and events. 

 Orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants with about 25,000 species. Depending on the variety, orchids’ blooming time can range from few hours to months. They look pretty with a soothing fragrance and are perfect to surprise and bring an instant smile. 

As one of the leading orchid cultivators in India, Copia Agri brings carefully nurtured, fresh and best orchid blossoms particularly Dendrobium orchids and Mokara orchids to the market. In the future the company intends to become one of the top orchid exporters in the country.

Dendrobium: The most popular orchid, Dendrobiums are grown in controlled atmospheric conditions to produce quality flowers in a variety of colours like white, purple and pink there by making  Copia Agri one of the prominent Dendrobium orchid suppliers catering to auspicious events such as engagements and weddings where flower décor is an important part of the occasion. Copia Agri, has targeted quality as a priority and intends to become one of the leading orchid exporters in the future. 

Mokara:  These blooms are created by cross breeding orchids of Ascocentrum, Arachnis and Vanda. The first Mokara was presented in Singapore in the year 1969 following which numerous other types have been developed.

 Copia Agri Pvt Ltd is one of the few, reliable Mokara orchid cultivators. The Mokara orchids are grown in atmospherically controlled poly houses and come in a spectrum of vibrant colours, substituting orchid flowers that were earlier imported from South-East Asia. 

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