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Assuring Quality and Reliability

Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd, specialises in the processing and marketing of various grades of Bentonite clay granules used as a sustained retard release carrier for agro chemicals and in certain refining processes used to enable and ensure necessary international standards are achieved in the refining process of aviation turbine fuel.

Equipped with one of a kind infrastructure, Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd, focuses on producing and exporting highest quality Bentonite clay Granules used widely in various other industrial applications worldwide.

Bentonite Granules

The company specialises in two variants of granules, namely:

Bentonite Granules Suppliers


Carbonised Calcined Blank Granules

These granules are specially carbonised and calcined to give them a black carbon coating. They have a liquid holding capacity of 35% and are used as a carrier agent for pesticides like Phorate 10 CG, and for bio fertilizers like Zyme and Humic acid. They are mainly used as a sustained retard release agent for bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, plant growth stimulants, herbal based fungicides, insecticides and repellents. They enhance integrated crop management to give maximum yield and productivity to the coated technical.


  • Free Moisture: 3.5 % (+/- 1.5 % max)
  • Surface Area: 120 m2/g (+/- 10 % max)
  • Loose Bulk Density: 800 g/l (+/- 50 g/l)
  • Liquid Holding: 35% (+/- 5 % max)


Calcined Blank Granules-Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).

Copia Clay’s CP Jet 100 30/60 and CP Jet 100 B 16/30 have proven to be effective in the refining process of ATF.

These granulated Attapulgite based clay minerals are specially processed to attain a low moisture level of below 3%, which helps in the removal of traces of water, surfactants and other impurities.

ATF treated with Copia clay granules ensures that the aviation turbine fuels so processed meet international standard specifications.

bentonite Clay Granules

Bentonite Clay Granules

Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading bentonite granules suppliers, specialising in the processing and marketing of various grades of Bentonite clay granules used as a sustained retard release carrier for agro chemicals and in certain refining processes used to enable and ensure necessary international standards are achieved in the refining processing of aviation turbine fuel. Bentonite clay primarily consists of montmorillonite mineral which makes it a highly absorbent clay.

Bentonite Granules Suppliers

 Counted as one of the most reliable bentonite granules suppliers, Copia Clay’s bentonite clay granules are at par to none. 

Bentonite is a clay mineral that is found in abundance  globally. It is formed in nature by the weathering of Volcanic ash. Bentonite properties are determined mainly by the amount and type of smectite-type layers of silicates. These bentonite grades are naturally active and are used in the refining of all types of organic and mineral oils. As in all cases, whether activated or not, the clay needs to be dried, classified as per specifications, to pass rigorous quality checks prior to packing and dispatch to customers.

Use of clay granules as a sustained release agent/carrier  for agri technicals in the pesticide and bio fertiliser industry.

Bentonite Clay Granules ( Calcined ) are widely used as a specialised sustained retard release carrier agent for coating of pesticides like Phorate and Carbofuran. Also known as Double Roasted Clay Granules or Roasted Clay Granules, these are widely used in the Bio Fertiliser Industry as a carrier agent for Sea Weed Extract, Humic Acid,  Fulvic Acid and as a Zyme Fertiliser carrier agent. Most Plant Growth regulators and Micro Nutrient formulations use these granules as a carrier medium. 

Use of clay granules in the treatment in removing undesired impurities ( Mercaptan )  from jet fuel

Jet fuels must meet very stringent, international specifications. Copia’s Clay ATF granules  CP Jet 100 30/60 and CP Jet 100 B16/30 play a pivotal role in the final steps of refining and  processing. Here, the products remove traces of water, surfactants, solid particulates and stabilize the colour in the Merox Process. Our CP Jet series of granules produced from selected Attapulgite Clays, are selected for their high surface area and pore volume. They provide high performance adsorptive capacities, stable operating processes and have a significantly longer productive cycle. 

Clay treatment removes gum and gum-forming materials from thermally cracked gasoline in the vapour phase. Activated and processed clays like CP Jet 100 30/60 and CP Jet 100 B16/30  have been used to remove traces of impurities by virtue of the clay retaining its  long chain molecules within its highly porous structure.

As an essential step in the jet fuel treating process, clay filtration serves as a final clean-up to assure clean and dry fuel.

  • Separation of residual water
  • Absorption of salts
  • Removal of solid particulates
  • Absorption of surfactants
  • Stabilization of color

Our neutral  CP Jet 30/60 and CP Jet 16/30 Absorbents are low moisture, granulated attapulgite minerals with a considerably longer life cycle and designed to remove surfactants, metals, traces of water as well as insoluble impurities, guarantees not only a better performance than traditional products, but also a significantly longer cycle lifetime which means less changes and more efficiency in production process. Furthermore, assure better color stability as a unique feature.

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