Product Specifications ( Physical) of CP Jet 100 30/60 and CP Jet 100 B 16/30

  • Surface area: 120 m²/g 9 +/- 10% max)
  • CP Jet 100 B16/30.
  • Moisture Level : Below 3%
  • Loose Bulk Density : 800 g/l (+/- 50 g/l)
  • Process : International specifications.

These granules have proven to be effective in the refining process of ATF. These granulated Attapulgite based clay minerals are specially processed to attain a low moisture level which helps in the removal of traces of water, surfactants and other impurities. ATF treated with Copia clay granules ensures that the aviation turbine fuels so processed meet international standard specifications.

Where the product is used in the industry

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Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd, specialises in the processing and marketing of various grades of Bentonite clay granules used as a sustained retard release carrier for agro chemicals and in certain refining processes used to enable and ensure necessary international standards are achieved in the refining process of aviation turbine fuel.
Equipped with one of a kind infrastructure, Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd, focuses on producing and exporting highest quality Bentonite clay Granules used widely in various other industrial applications worldwide.